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Solar Energy Solutions is a proud installer of SunPower modules. SunPower, an American-based PV company, is the industry leader in commercial PV module production. SunPower outperforms other commercial modules in real world kWh production, offers more power production per square foot of panel, and is regularly ranked as the consumer’s PV module of choice. SunPower warranties their modules against defects in workmanship for 10 years and provides an 80% rated power production warranty for 25 years. We most commonly sell SunPower’s 230-watt and 240-watt panels, but often sell their largest PV panel, which generates up to 320 watts. An ARRA-compliant version (made in their California plant) of the 320-watt panel is also available.

Click here to visit SunPower’s website to learn more about their products.

SunPower Video on Intense Load Testing
SunPower Video on Temperature Testing
SunPower Video on Humidity Testing
SunPower Video on Shade Tolerance