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Residential Wind Energy Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana Will Wind Energy Work for Me? A document prepared by Tennessee Valley and
Eastern Kentucky Wind Working Group
Throughout much of the south, including Kentucky, wind energy is a poor choice for renewable energy production. Wind speeds in the region are largely inadequate for the production of energy at costs less than photovoltaics. However, certain areas may have adequate wind speed. Solar Energy Solutions offers turnkey solutions for wind speed monitoring and wind energy production.

Wind energy production utilizes large turbines - siting requires significant space. A foundation pour for a large residential-scale wind turbine will displace an area with a 25 foot diameter. A properly sited turbine also should be far taller than any nearby objects. Siting a turbine near a home can create turbulence and diminish production.

Due to the nature of wind in this area we highly recommend monitoring equipment precede any installation. Unlike with solar, monitoring for wind is not an instantaneous procedure. Proper data accumulation requires six to twelve months. Significant data has been accumulated by NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratories) and is publicly available at

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