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Solar thermal technologies convert the sun’s energy into usable heat by heating water, air, or other storage media. Solar hot water systems generally provide the quickest payback of renewable energy products with the smallest up-front investment. Solar hot water systems may also provide the most significant CO2 reductions per dollar spent.

Before deciding to pursue solar hot water it is important to identify a consistent need for the heat generated. For most of our customers, domestic hot water is just such a consistent application. With a daily need for hot water, solar makes sense. Applications with limited or intermittent demand, like space heating, may also benefit from solar hot water. These applications may require a greater initial investment and may take more time to realize a return on investment.

All our thermal systems are designed and installed by NABCEP certified solar thermal installers.

Click here for a video showing Ron Hoffman’s solar hot water installation by Solar Energy Solutions

Solar Pool Heating