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Off Grid Photovoltaics

Many homeowners prefer buried power lines. Other homeowners face large expenditures to extend grid power to their remote location. In both situations the expense associated with connecting to the traditional electric grid might be better spent building your own, independent power plant. Off grid photovoltaic systems are a highly reliable, effective means of providing power without the regular costs associated with electric utilities and generator power.

Solar Energy Solutions utilizes expert design to implement off grid PV systems tailored to the specifications of your home. Your PV system will utilize the newest, most efficient off grid integration techniques to provide continuous power to any and all home appliances.

Off grid projects can be designed in any number of ways. A detailed consultation is necessary to determine what is appropriate for your home. Please contact us for a no cost conversation on integrating PV into your home.

Click here for a video showing a customer's solar electric installation by Solar Energy Solutions