SB 100 FAQs | OHIO SOLAR: CINCINNATI - (513) 400-7340 | INDIANA SOLAR: BLOOMINGTON - (812) 558-2200
KENTUCKY SOLAR: LEXINGTON - (859) 312-7456, LOUISVILLE - (502) 264-7615
Established in 2006, Solar Energy Solutions LLC is dedicated to bringing renewable energy to Kentucky and the surrounding states. Fully licensed and insured, we hold as many solar certifications as anyone in the Midwest.

Our charter calls for a focus on helping the environment, establishing energy independence, and educating the public on how to take part in making a healthier, secure future. Likewise, the company emphasizes economic feasibility along with environmental impact. We actively work to help take a significant, yet sensible, stand against climate change and dependence on foreign oil. We also practice what we preach; Solar Energy Solutions is a carbon neutral company.

We would welcome the opportunity to help you explore renewables. From do-it-yourselfers to those needing a full-service installation, we can make renewable energy work on your terms. Please contact us today to for a free consultation